Here at Philips Veterinary Hospital we offer a variety of boarding accommodations to fit you and your pets’ needs. All of our boarding facilities are indoor, climate controlled, to allow every pet a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

We offer separate boarding for our feline and canine companions.


Luxury Boarding

Feline Luxury Boarding

Your favorite feline will enjoy staying in our luxury condos that allow our feline companions to look outside. All the while, they will have time to lay around in the cat trees in the room while watching clients in the lobby.

Feline Luxury Boarding

Canine Luxury Rooms

Your canine companions can stay in their own rooms with windows looking out our yards. These rooms are 8 ft x 5ft with see-through doors, giving them plenty of room to stretch out. They are taken out at least twice a day to play in our 10 ft x 16 ft yards. Each luxury room has its own theme to choose from:
  • Around the World
  • College Room
  • Country Room
  • Fun in the Sand Room
  • Hunting Room
  • Ocean Room
  • Safari Room
  • Spring Room
Canine Luxury Boarding

Ask about our TLC package!!


Regular Boarding

Feline Boarding


Your cat will enjoy its stay in our cat-only room. This room allows seclusion away from our other animals but has the comfort from a sunny window in their boarding area.

Canine Boarding

Your dogs will love to play our K9 grass in our our completely covered outdoor runs. Even in rainy weather they enjoy playing. Disinfected daily to protect all pets.

We have 14 runs which are at least 4 ft X 5ft with benches. In addition we have kennels in a range of sizes. All of these canines will get out at least twice a day into the exercise yards.

We have boarding for our medium and small dogs too, in a variety of cages.